Macrobiomarker (MBM) 

- Technology for measuring, screening, and stratifying information for healthy people and patients.

-Universal, it measures the entire human population.

4 Types Biogenesex

- Detects 4 types of phenotypes in humans, unequivocal and well differentiated.

-Detects specific particularities in all systems of the human body according to the type of phenotype of the subject.

Cribado MBM

- Detects specific particularities in the functioning of the organs of the human body according to the type of phenotype of the subject.

It distinguishes the world's population into four types, regardless of ethnic origin, social status, context, health status, age and environmental conditions.

Possible direct Applications

MBM & IMS Software


MacroBioMarker & Intelligent Medical Screening

Intelligent measurement: 

Parallel multi-measurement of parameters and values simultaneously. Ability to detect the type of organic functioning of a subject in an integral way, with a minimum of a single data obtained in an ordinary clinical test.

4 type Flow Biogenesex

R&D cost reduction:

– Population screening or sample in four parts. 

– Decrease variables to take into account.

– Shortens R&D time (reduction ratio 1/4 to 1/16).

– Increases the probability of finding R&D targets (probability of target increased x4 to x16).

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Cost Reduction:

– Screening of patients and people for R&D. 

– Simplification of the drug design process.

– Reduction in the number of efficient clinical trials to achieve a high effectiveness rate. 

– Simplification of the drug approval process by the public administration. 

– Reduction of possible adverse and side effects in toxicology. 

– Reduction of possible demands for unknown adverse and side effects. 

patrones para la vacuna. biogenesex.2021

Increase in Benefits:

-Increased likelihood of detection and specific identification of major diseases and pathologies that do not yet find treatment and that affect a large part of the world’s population.

– Increased detection of the number of effective and specific targets for the design of new drugs. 

– Increase in the number of valuable drug patents.

– Increase in specific treatments according to screening. 

– Increase in the parameters of efficiency and efficacy of drugs that already exist on the market.

-Reduction of the volume of contraindications and side effects in new drugs, increasing safety standards at a lower cost. 

– R&D reactivation: drug design, drugs that have not passed the clinical phases, drugs that have not been approved by the public administration, and drugs that have been withdrawn from the market due to adverse effects. (Stearnant assets)

– Review and revalidation the scientific literature, both positive and negative results, to obtain new results applying the MBM. (Bigdata of laboratories and health systems)

Medical Industry:

Cost Reduction:

Screening of patients and people in R&D. (Massive reduction of research variables)

– Reduction of investment needed in R&D. (Massive reduction in research time)

-Creation of the first complete global system of personalized medicine according to the MBM operating architecture. ( Universal screening of the world’s population with new parameters) 

– Personalized preventive medicine according to MBM parameters. Types of food, physical activity, mental health, rest.

– Advanced early diagnosis according to the type of patient and its corresponding clinical picture according to MBM. (Evolution of the organic system from gestation to senescence)

– Premature detection of the diversity of pathologies and diseases according to MBM parameters.

-Specific and specialized treatments according to the detection of parameters and clinical pictures of MBM.

human body. biogenesex
telescopio medicina biogenesex

Increase in Benefits:

– Creation of personalized medicine worldwide based on universal screening.

– Restructuring of the vision of current global medicine in R&D, scientific literature, methodologies, procedures, organizations, systems, and functions of the industrial apparatus, both in the public and private sectors.

– Increased likelihood of disease prevention.

– Increased probability of early detection of diseases and pathologies in general.

– Personalized diagnoses, follow-ups, and medical history specific to the MBM typology.

– Increased likelihood of effective specific treatments, and administration of effective and personalized drugs according to MBM metrics.

– Generalized improvement of primary and secondary patient care, both organically and psychologically-emotionally, depending on the different types of tables of MBM.

– Improvement in the professional training of the different members of the production chain of the medical industry.

Others Industry:

Artificial intelligence :

An application that integrates into IT systems, adding new screening variables in Big data.

patrones para la vacuna. biogenesex.2021

Big data :

Products and services are derived from the main health-related industries. Software systems to integrate into all networks and systems in the industry.

Education sector:

Universities, foundations, and training cycles in the health sector.



– Product highly demanded on the market by the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

– It is projected as a stable and unlimited projection product over time. 

– Fundamental discovery, which adheres great high-performance knowledge in all layers of knowledge of the scientific literature of the branches of life sciences in the history of humanity.

– Ability to produce a positive expansion in the market, creating capital, corporations, diversity of direct and indirect products and services.

Biogenesex Macrobiomarker Projections

BigPharma Projections:

– Creation of a personalized product market, with a high validity rate and effectiveness.

– Revaluation of industry assets in R&D, methodologies, and drugs, revaluating all standardized products and parameters in the industry, without direct adverse marginal side effects.

– Strong boost in the confidence of markets and public opinion about the value, effectiveness, and prestige of the new drugs and treatments administered.

Medical Industry Projections:

– Opening and creation of personalized medicine.

– Restructuring of the sector: institutional and legal rules and regulations, international new regulation agreements, market expansion, university reformulation, training of professionals in the sector, an adaptation of patient information and data banks, the adaptation of systems and software in the sector, positive impact on all R&D instruments and projects worldwide, recovery and reclassification of scientific material and literature, application in all products.

Positive Impact in the Market :

BigPharma :

– Significant cost reduction in virtually all sectors of the production process. 

– Asset revalidation. 

– Obtaining new patents.

– Product improvement.

– New product launches. 

– Significant improvement in confidence about the brand and products.

– Effective and efficient solutions.

Problem 1

HealthCare Systems :



Cost Reduction:

– In failed or erroneous diagnoses.

– Innocuous treatments.

– Loss of time due to ignorance.

-Diseases with expensive treatments and no definitive cure or erroneous treatments.

-Reduction of the risk of malpractice.


– Personalized medicine.

– Accurate diagnoses.

– Personalized preventive medicine.

– Efficient and effective treatments.

-Improvement of procedures and methodologies.

-Speed in the R&D process with fewer resources.

– Improvement of the professional quality of professional industry personnel.

– Specific construction of the patient’s detailed history according to MBM.

– Detection of new discoveries in the industry.

– Overall increase in benefits and services in the quality and efficiency of health systems.


The data is outdated, they belong to the year 2021. In any case, the proportions are respected.

IP Moat

How to make the investment highly profitable and yet part of the main knowledge can be shared?

Congeniating these two concepts seems complex in our case, but it is not.

As for the Moat, the issue is not to block information, but to the speed of positioning of future products and services.

The versatility of knowledge also opens up endless parallel opportunities in several relevant industries.

Versatility and speed are the key elements. Both depend entirely on the talents of the work teams and their possible developments.

The Moat has an initial part, a tradable IP period that prioritizes the investor’s position and protects his projection.

The positioning gives that advantage.

In this sense, the initial approach of the Pitch Deck continues to maintain its projections, since the elaboration of the product and its projection would continue to maintain the competitive advantage (not to mention the quality of the processing of the measuring instruments).

Biogenesex Macrobiomarker Projections

Sharing information

once the investment period is started and resolved, is very important, mainly for the development and acceptance, and rapid implementation in the world of MBM BGNSX products.

When the changes are developed and implemented, the entire world population would be able to access a complete transformation of their health systems and their companies.

This change, as I mentioned before, does not alter the structures that already exist or their procedures in the health industry, but significantly improves their levels of effectiveness and efficiency.


It also expands the horizons of R&D, both in its targets and in the times and costs, accelerating all those processes.

If we take into account the great re-use of resources it can entail, the reduction of costs, and the explosion of knowledge, a strong expansion can be perceived in all directions.

 The Big Pharma and Health Care industry have had some very specific pains for decades, which could be resolved in a lasting way and benefit greatly as a whole.

Academic fields could also be encountered with new levels of scientific exploration.

 Public administrations could make large cost reductions in health issues, which means more resources to cover areas or sectors within the same sector that they may have unresolved right now, providing better services and meeting social needs or demands in health issues with greater efficiency and the same budgets.

 The same goes for R&D centers, depending on speeding up their times and improving their results.

 Something similar happens with companies, taking into account the different sectors, niches, specialties, and services of the whole industry, the implementation of screening and new knowledge would expose resources and assets.

Cost reduction, asset recovery, process simplification, product diversification, resource reuse, increased reliability in procedures and products, etc.

 All disruptive and innovative changes that could be made depending on the implementation of knowledge, would result in the great movement of currencies, resources, markets, and knowledge.

In all these movements, the ability to learn, adaptability, the ability to transform, versatility, amplitude, and speed, are in my opinion the moat, since these factors will give the advantageous positioning in the market.

Theoretical foundations

Proof of concept:

Biogenesex has developed an R&D Plan to formally integrate all its previous research, which has been prepared by expert Doctors in Chemical Research and Biomedicine.

This research has provided a wide spectrum of scientific knowledge. The R&D Plan, validated through scientific articles, proofs of concept and clinical trials from various authorized and public sources worldwide provides a solid theoretical framework, on which the foundations of the projection and the need to carry out the missing research for the firm construction of the MBM are based.


The R&D plan also has simple preliminary empirical evidence, which confirms the theoretical framework, both in life sciences and in the social sciences. These tests make it possible to certify and sustain theoretical development, in such a way that they offer a simple scalability of the investment, eliminating any risk for the investor.

The universal screening approach over the entire world population, obtaining concrete and differentiated operating patterns in all systems and organs of the human body, which can be detected in every human being on the planet without margin of error, is the cornerstone of the functioning of the MBM. The MBM development process involves the protein, genetic, epigenetic, cellular, organic, and functional scales of the human body systems.


its construction is not the result of a compilation of isolated information but of the detection of these indices at the structural level, which exists in an inconspicuous way for current medicine. The visibility of these very different channels in the organic evolution of individuals in the human population, is what makes this discovery highly valuable for future solutions and improvements in the industry, providing a clear advance in the health of society.

The data held by this research led by Leandro H. Simón comes from prestigious research from the main centers of global scientific research, composed of various medical systems and specialties versed in various pathologies.

Biogenesex Macrobiomarker Projections

Biogenesex - MacroBioMarker

is a company that works with information structures. Our field of development is focused on the processes of knowledge, the structures of its operation, and its relationships or parallels with reality. Our deployment in scientific matters focuses on aspects unexplored by science, on new approaches, and on creating intelligent, efficient, and disruptive biotechnology.

Leandro H. Simón – CEO