Macrobiomarker (MBM) 

- Technology for measuring, screening, and stratifying information for healthy people and patients.

-Universal, it measures the entire human population.

4 Types Biogenesex

- Detects 4 types of phenotypes in humans, unequivocal and well differentiated.

-Detects specific particularities in all systems of the human body according to the type of phenotype of the subject.

Cribado MBM

- Detects specific particularities in the functioning of the organs of the human body according to the type of phenotype of the subject.

It distinguishes the world's population into four types, regardless of ethnic origin, social status, context, health status, age and environmental conditions.

Application Mode: How does it apply?

IMS Software


MacroBioMarker & Intelligent Medical Screening


MBM applies to any kind of results obtained, whether recent or old.

Read the data and generate the sample screening, obtaining the well-differentiated groups.

In a “Y” scientific research, which has collected an “X” sample, the MBM instrument is applied and four groups (A, B, C, and D) are obtained that contain and classify the information from the “X” sample.

Each of these groups establishes its own parallel parameters according to the MBM instrument: 

they are specific measurement tables that delimit each group.

These measurement tables have a system of parallel measurements on the functioning of the type of organism that each group involves, so it offers parallel parameters about the information on all the systems of the organism of each group, not only about the information collected in the “X” sample. In a “Y” scientific research that has an “X” sample, the MBM instrument is applied and four new groups of results are obtained.

Modelo IMS - Ejemplo


Each of these groups has its own parallel parameters in the instrument. (Human body systems)

They are specific measurement tables that each group has.

It involves parallel systematic measures related to the permanent functioning of that class or type of organism.

Offering parallel parameters in the other systems of the organism.

4 type Flow Biogenesex


The application is made through software. This simple screening software contains the standard parameters of the medical test groups. The matrices of the main data and the scales of the samples and data already obtained are loaded.

The program reads the data obtained in an “X” sample and classifies them according to the groups.

Upon obtaining the result, the program already relates those data to others, providing a complete clinical picture, without the need to perform more tests beyond the essential ones. The clinical picture is already established based on the patient’s data.

A patient from sample “X”, from the study on diabetes “Y”, is organized within group “A” (the MBM consists of 4 groups, A, B, C, and D). 

The data from group “A”, reveal within the MBM, that they are related to parameters in all systems of the body. With only the sample of this study and with the data it reveals, correlations are obtained with the other systems of the body.

In the projection of the industry, this means that the world population, in terms of health, is going to be divided into four kinds of organic operations. Each health system will have the possible parameters and tables for each type of functioning. 

 Each laboratory will classify the drugs into four, having specific targets for each drug, the degree of effectiveness of that drug in that body, specific contraindications, and a very high rate of effectiveness.

Each doctor will evaluate the patient according to the nature and evolution of his specific system, corresponding to a specificity of a very high degree in that patient’s personalized medicine.

Operation of IMS software

Data collection:

It collects data from the results of clinical tests – whatever their nature – and establishes an Immediate Massive Screening  (IMS), obtaining the results of the four groups. This screening is carried out thanks to the preset parameters in the software, which automatically organizes all the information.

It can be easily integrated into any AI since screening patterns are loaded into the program’s algorithms and the expected results are immediately obtained.

Diagrama de funcionamiento

Reading the information:

Each laboratory has its own parameters and means of measurement provided that it can be previously adapted to the scales that each internal software has, with a previous and simple initial configuration.

Report and results:

Once the screening results have been obtained, the multidimensional measurement of MBM offers, according to the screening group, a detailed framework of parallel values in all body systems in a comprehensive way. That is, from a blood test (hematymetry) with 21 normative values of the different molecular levels of the sample, an estimated parallel value of indices would be obtained in other types of clinical trials not carried out on the subject, giving an undefined oriented report, but bounded to accurate preset ranges of that individual’s clinical picture, in all systems of the body.

This type of multidimensional measurement provides extraordinary pre-reading, a preventive and predictive pre-examination, which executes a complete early diagnosis of the patient’s situation or a complete reading of the health status of the healthy person in a personalized way. If you add to this the variable of a complete medical history of the evolution of each patient, the variations of the specific state of health of the patient over time could be precisely defined, allowing accurate predictions of future pathologies or possible tendencies to general or specific diseases, which would clearly increase the possibilities of prevention to levels unknown to today’s industry.

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